Tu Agencia Au Pair lider en España

ELISE from USA. Au Pair in Madrid year 2015 – 2016

Moving to Madrid had been a goal of mine for several years and finding ways to live in the city and truly immerse myself in the culture was a priority of mine. I applied for an Au Pair position in the hopes of finding a family who would be interested in sharing their culture and home with me, as I would share my language and culture with them. I was quickly connected with a wonderful family of 5, the parents and 3 boys eagerly invited me into their home in the center of Madrid. Living here for the past year has been a wonderful experience. I worked with the boys in the evenings 5 days a week, playing games, going to the park, doing homework and sharing meals with them in order for them to have opportunities to speak in English while enjoying themselves. The family was always suggesting places for me to go during my free time, and sharing their favorite places in the city. Not only was I able to get to know Madrid, but the family also invited me to join them in their village in the north of Spain, and also gave me fantastic suggestions of other cities in Spain that I should visit. I was able to work as an Auxiliary English Teacher alongside my work as an Au Pair, during my free time from school and the children I traveled and explored as much as I could. This year was an extraordinary experience, so fantastic I have decided to continue into next year.
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