Familias disponibles en el extranjero

Como agencia acreditada de la IAPA (International Au Pair Association), trabajamos mayoritariamente con agencias en el extranjero también acreditadas por la IAPA para asegurar familias de calidad que han pasado por procesos de selección y firmado unas condiciones y compromisos con el principal objetivo de que la colocación sea lo más exitosa posible.  No colocamos au pairs directamente en familias extranjeras, sino siempre a través de agencias intermediarias que verifican la idoneidad y calidad de esas familias, y que además ofrecen un soporte y apoyo a la au pair en el país de acogida (material de orientación y bienvenida, lista de contacto de otras au pairs en la zona, información sobre escuelas de idiomas, legislación y fiscalidad en el país de acogida, teléfono de emergencia, información sobre alojamiento en caso de emergencia…). Disponemos de familias en los principales países europeos, en EEUU, Canada, China, Australia….Sólo tienes que comentarnos a donde te quieres ir y te informaremos y asesoraremos de tus posibilidades. A continuación te mostramos algunas de las familias que actualmente están disponibles para ofrecer una idea, pero hay muchas más y podrás conocer sus detalles y entrevistarte con ellas una vez hayas hecho entrega de la documentación necesaria y hayamos verificado que reúnes los requisitos para ser au pair. No limitamos el número de entrevistas con las familias, podrás tener todas las entrevistas que quieras hasta dar con una familia que te guste, no obligamos a las au pairs a coger cualquier familia, la elección la realizas tú.

Si alguna de estas familias le pudiera interesar y quisiera saber algo más sobre ellas o sobre otras muchas, llámenos hoy mismo al 644568598, o envíenos un e-mail a info@aupairinspain.com. Estaremos encantados de asesorarte.

Familia de ultima hora en Londres:

Lovely family in South East London who I have placed 4 au pairs successfully with in the past 4 years.

They need a driver and their dates are a bit tricky –

Search criteria:

  • age 20+
  • driver(a must have)
  • start 5th January 2019 until minimum September 2019, or ideally longer(they will not consider shorter dates – they prefer continuity over the school summer holidays)
  • may get a dog at Christmas
  • two parent family with two children both at school ages 9 & 12
  • open to male and female applicants
  • live in South East London

FAMILIAS EN IRLANDA:(Familias disponibles a partir de Octubre 2018 y algunas a partir de Enero 2019)

Family #20   Location: Cork, IR – 40 km from Cork city – 2 children, Child 1: Niamh (F), Age 8, Orla (F), Age 5 – Pets: 2 ponies, 1 golden retriever – Special needs: Orla has a slight speech delay, doesn’t cause any problem – Note : Double bedroom, Countryside – Hours/week required + length of stay:35 hours  9 month – Payment:  €204.40

Family #23    Location : Killarney (Population 15,000), an hour from Cork – Number of children : 2 Child 1: Aoibheann (age 4) F goes to school in the morning – Child 2: Cliona (Age 2) F Goes to school in the afternoons – Hours/week required + length of stay: 20-30 hours/week, 12 months – Profile wanted : Friendly, organized, flexible, between €110 to €173 per week

Family #25    Location: Golden Hill, Threecastles, Manor Kilbride, Blessington W91Y5X5 – Number of childre: 2 (Both very playful and outgoing. Play lego, drawing, some music and outdoor general playing in the garden) – Child 1: Lucyanne (F) – Age 3 – Child 2 : Ryan (M) – Age 3 – Note: Blessington is their nearest town, Double room, downstairs, ensuite bathroom and shower, wifi and central heating. – Hours/week require + lenght of stay: 20 to 30 hours +01/10/2018 to 15/10/2018 (6 months) – Payment: €110 to €173
Family #26    Location: Dublin – Children: Finn: (M) 13 yrs, Clara (F) 11yrs, Daniel (M) 10 yrs. Friendly and warm. Kind and caring. Quiet but not introverted. Organised. Dependable. Trustworthy. Initiative. Tidy. Good standards to work and a good work ethic. A can-do attitude. 25 to 30 hrs per week.€=€141.55 -=€173.10 per week. Good English and 20 plus is essential or she wont accept
Family #28     Location: 12 Clarisford Moys Killaloe, Clare none – Children: 3 – Child1: Julie (F) Age: 13 – Child2: Glen (M) Age:11 – Child3: Michael (M) Age: 7 – Notes: she will board at school Sunday night to Friday afternoon, Glen and Michael will be in school from 9am to 14.40 , the boys love sport. – 2 Dogs – Au Pair will have a large double bedroom with her own bathroom , there is wifi . – Need a good English speaker and a driver. Hours/week + duration: 15 to 20 hours + 12months from Oct. – Payment: Killaloe about 1000 people, 30 minutes to limerick city – Payment: 110.00
Family #29 Location: Lisheen Gneeveguilla, Rathmore Killarney, Co. Kerry. – Children: 2 – Child1: Christian (M) Age: 4, loves playing football and having adventure, loves outdoors going to playgrounds, doing arts and crafts– Child2: Sophia (F) Age: 2, Loves all play with dolls and pretend play- loves books and being read to. Singing songs and being cuddled- – Notes: Prefer Italian, bedtime prayer for the kids, pets: 3 chicken, quite village (45min from Kerry airport) – Time/week + duration: 25 to 30 + 12 months from 14/01/2019 – Payment: €141.55 to 173.10
Family #30
Location : Clontarf, Dublin, IR – Number of children : 3
Child 1: Iris (F), Age 10, at school from 8.35 to 2.20, outfoinf, creative, likes reading, cooking and crafts – Child 2: Pearl (F), Age 7, at school everyday, funny and playful, likes reading, art and boardgames – Child 3: Robyn (F), Age 4, in monstesorri, starts school in september, playful, active, likes the outdoors – Note : single bedroom, close to seafront and all amenities (within walking distance) – Hours/week required + length of stay: 25 hrs/week, week-ends are free, 12 months – Payment: €141.55 Profile: non smoker, kind, respectful, responsible, reliable, honest, organised and understanding

Family #31     Location: 32 RASH ROAD OMAGH, TYRONE TYRONE United Kingdom – Child: 3 – Child 1: Piaras (M) Age: 12, elaxed teenager, hes into gaming, swimming and cycling. He loves studying science and maths– Child2: Tiarnan (M) Age: 9, is into sports, maths and swimming – Child3: Daithi (M) Age 3 months, calm – Hours per week required + duration: 25 to 35 + 12 months – Payment: €141,55 to 204,65

Family #32     Location: 6 Seachnaill Place, Grangend, Dunshaughlin – Children: 2 – Child1: Emily (F) Age:7, Emily goes to school 9-2.30 – Child2: Harry (M) Age:4 Both are happy, active and outgoing kids. Harry goes to pre-school 12-3. – Notes: single room with wardrobe and chest of drawers. The Au Pair would need to share a bathroom with the kids. There is a lock on the bathroom. NO DRIVER. Hours/week + Duration: 30-35 + 12 months from 01 Oct. 18  Payment: €173.10 to 204.65

Family #33:    Location : Westport, Mayo – Number of children : 3- Child 1: Megan (F), Age 9, only visiting 3 weekends out of 4, does not need care – Child 2: Katherine (F), Age 7, at school mon-fri from 9.20 to 12.20, likes girly games – Child 3: John (M), Age 6, at home all day. Likes outdoors – Pets: 1 dog – Note : Countryside, 10 km from Westport – Hours/week required + length of stay: 25 to 35 hrs/week – Payment: €141.55 to 173.10 – Profile : no smoker, kind, friendly, outgoing.
Family #34:    Location: 4 Heather Close Marlay Wood, Rathfarnham Dublin 16 – Children: 1 – Child1: Darragh (M) 9.5 months, He is a very happy, active inquisitive little boy who brings us great joy and happiness. He is friendly and very sociable – Notes: double room with plenty of wardrobe space, internet, NO driver, NO smoker – Hours/week + duration: 35-40 + 12 months from 05/11/2018 – Payment: €204.40-236.20


Family H

* Live in Godalming, Surrey – only 45 minutes to London

* 3 children, aged 8, 6 and 4

* Start mid/late June.  Happy summer then long term placement

* 20-25 hours termtime, 25-30 hours holiday time

* £100 a week every week + £25 a week on top towards language classes!

* All kids at school, mum has time off in week too and holiday clubs in holidays!

* Weekends free and loads of free time in week

* Car driver essential

* No pets

* Loads of au pairs around including placed by me and language classes locally

* Family have a cleaner so only light housework!

* Mobile phone + Sim + Money on it to start

* Free Membership to RHS and National trust

* 1 week money as placement completion bonus at end of placement + return flight paid

* Gym membership if wanted

* Current au pair reference in file!!

Family K

* Live in central LONDON

* Start August/September for academic length

* 4 children aged 7, 4, 3 and 9 months (But ONLY extra pair of hands!!)

* Mum only works 3 days a week and granny main carer of kids.  Au pair helps!

* 3 full free days a week!

* 25 hours a week required termtime and holidays

* £90 pocket money + £25 a week towards language classes weekly

* Placement completion bonus – 1 week’s money at end of long term placement

* Return flight at end of successful placement

* SIM card with small «start up» amount on card for when au pair arrives and monthly

* Holiday with family

* 1 cat

* Non driving role!

* Granny sharing childcare with the Au Pair so not continuous sole charge!

* Current Au Pair reference in file!!

Family U

* Live in Hersham (London!)

* Start Mid/Late August

* 3 kids (girl and 2 boys)

* 20-25 hours a week term-time and holidays

* £85 term time + £25 a week on top towards language classes!

* Placement completion bonus – 1 week’s money if a long term placement

* Paid Return flight at end of successful placement

* Gym Membership (big contribution towards)

* SIM card with small «start up» amount on card for when au pair arrives

* Saturday and Sunday fully free days and usually a Friday as well (although often babysitting required on Friday)

* 1 cat

* Driver required and essential

* Family have a gardener, a handy man and a cleaner.

* Current Au Pair reference in file!!

Family L

* Live in Oxford – wonderful and vibrant city

* Start September – 9+ months

* 3 children – aged 9, nearly 6 and 3

* 30 hours a week

* £115 a week pocket money + £30 a week towards language classes (total £145 per week)

* Driver essential and car provided

* Language schools and other AP’s locally

* Placement completion bonus – 1 week’s money if a long term placement

* SIM card with small «start up» amount on card for when au pair arrives

* Return flight at end of successful placement

* Weekends free

* No pets

* Have family who live in London and AP could stay with sometimes if wanted to visit London

* Last 2 Au Pairs been very happy – references in file

Family J

* September start long term academic length

* Live in city of Ipswich – 1 hour direct line to London on train

* Superb language classes at www.letsipswich.co.uk/ or Albion Ipswich http://www.albion-elt.co.uk/ (leaflets attached!)

* 3 children – aged 7.5 yrs, 5.5yrs and 4

* Family have a cleaner once a week

* 22 to 30 hours a week max.  Extra family help in holidays to ensure max 30 hours

* £100 a week + £30 towards language classes

* Placement completion bonus – 1 week’s money at end of long term placement (not summer)

/wp-admin/post.php?post=3150&action=edit#* Return flight at end of successful placement (long term)

* SIM card with small «start up» amount on card for when au pair arrives and monthly

* Weekends free

* Non driver – no pets

* Repeat family – last 2 au pair references in file!!  Both delightful!  Current Au Pair still there!

Family T

* Family live in Thames Ditton London

* August/September start

* Had Au Pairs from me for years!

* 2 children – 10 and 8 – boy and girl

* 15-25 hours a week (termtime less than 15 and school holidays max 25)

* Pocket money – £85 and also £25 a week towards language classes

* 1 weeks bonus pocket money paid at end of successful placement

* 3 full free days (Monday, Saturday and Sunday) and most of Friday!

* Sim card on arrival with start up amount!

* 3 choices on language school including team2english – http://www.team2english.com/ where I have a discount for my Au Pairs

* Have cats!

* References in file from 3 previous au pairs.


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