Tu Agencia Au Pair lider en España

Nuestra au pair en USA Rocio nominada por su familia americana como mejor au pair del año. Rocio se mudo en Junio 2017 de Sevilla a California y planea extender por 1 año más.

Rocío F. G.: A Most Special Au Pair
When I chose Rocio to be the au pair for my daughter, I had no idea how special she would prove to be.  When I interviewed her, my impression was that she was responsible, caring, and genuine; these are all desirable characteristics for an au pair.  But it wasn’t until she arrived at our home that I realized she was so much more than those desirable traits.  I learned what an amazing au pair and person she is.
Rocio is more a family member than a guest in our home.  Her hugs and kisses (which are very common in Spain!) are liberal and welcomed.  Her relationship with my daughter is more like a relationship between an aunt and niece than a relationship between a babysitter and child.  I can see the genuine look of love in Rocio’s eyes when she looks at my daughter.  I can leave for work with that image in my mind, knowing that my daughter is being genuinely loved and cared for while I am away.  When I return home, my 7-month old daughter is happy and playful, evidence of the good day she has had under the care of a loving au pair.
Regarding her relationship with me, Rocio is a sister from another mother and father.  She has the maturity to express her needs and wishes to me personally, and she has the tact to integrate herself into our family goals.  She works hard to take exceptional care of my daughter, as I work hard to provide financially for my family.  And she provides the same level of love and care for my daughter that I provide for my daughter when I am home.  It is very difficult for a working woman such as myself to be away from her child when so many women are allowed to stay home to care for their babies.  Having Rocio as an au pair has changed that bitter realization into a sweet reality, as the included photos and videos demonstrate.
Beyond what I have described in this essay, it is difficult to articulate how special and important Rocio is in the life of my daughter and myself.  While some may find the work of an au pair to be a job, Rocio has embraced this opportunity to develop a second family.  Even my siblings embrace Rocio as a part of our family.  And when I describe my family’s relationship with Rocio to other working moms, they feel encouraged to seek their own special relationship with a EurAupair au pair.
I wholeheartedly nominate Rocio F. G. as EurAupair 2018 Au Pair of the Year.  Her dedication to and love for her host family is so dense that it is palpable.  One could only hope to have such a special person to call their family’s au pair.  If fate is in favor of my wishes, Rocio will extend her contract with our family for as long as possible.  But, to be honest, if you ask Rocio if it is a contract, I believe she would reply, ‘No… it is not a contract.  It is an honor, a privilege, and a joy to be a member of your family.’
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